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In case you don't have an account at our website, when you submit your advertising campaign here, your account would be instantly created and the login details would be emailed to the email addressed you used while creating the campaign. You do not need to create an account to advertise here, we automatically generate an account with a random password for you.

Once your advertising campaign is created, you can login into your account and then go to "Campaigns" page to process your advertisement further. Remember that you need to pay the invoice first and then your campaign would be instantly started.

We assure you that all the users would be within the Bitcoin's scope. So if you have a Bitcoin-related website, this is the perfect place to advertise your website or shop. We only cover Bitcoin users and advertising here can bring you huge impressions and revenues. We've an anti-fraud system to make sure that only valid clicks are counted, and fraud clicks discarded.

The following things are strictly forbidden:

  • Framebreaking websites
  • Websites promoting violence
  • Illegal products and services
  • Having sexual content
  • Copyright Infringmenting Websites

These sites are not allowed, and would be taken down immediately after they come in our radar.